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The BCCUMA can support all areas of research, from initial proposal development and study design through statistical analysis and reports.

Design for data collection instruments supported include paper questionnaires, scannable forms, computer assisted telephone interviews (CATI), or web-based surveys.

The BCCUMA also provides data collection and data entry services. Data collection formats supported include interviews, mailings, web-based surveys and record abstraction. We also can access and download existing files from corporate or government sources from the World Wide Web, and provide the expertise for manipulating and interpreting these data.

Once data are in hand, the Project Management and Analysis Unit offers support for data cleaning and management, and documenting these processes. We offer support for manuscript and report writing, including statistical analysis, interpretation of results, and collaboration on the writing.

In addition, the BCCUMA also provides expertise in creating and managing project web sites for the purpose of sharing information among investigators participating in multi-site projects.

For more information, see brochure and costs.

Contact: Penelope Pekow, PhD 413-545-1872,, Elaine Puleo, PhD (413) 545-1869,

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