Administrative Staff

The Minuteman Marching Band is operated by an extraordinary group of student leaders. Nearly every function a collegiate marching band might require is covered by these dedicated band members. If you need to contact any member of the staff, please contact the listed manager's email.

Band Manager
Lilly Povey -

Personnel Manager
Sabrina Azinheira -

Travel Manager
Kaet Rice -

Website Manager
Joey Pensoneault

Website Staff
Jake Dombrower, Mark Disler, Katrina Greene

Publicity and Recruitment Manager
Rachael Fuchs

Publicity and Recruitment Staff
Amanda Bresnahan, Alex Clifford,
Julia Sullivan, Anna Stone

Uniform Manager
Caley McMullan

Uniform Staff
Julia Casey, Emily Walton,
Connor Ahern, Mikayla Wilcox

Merchandise Manager
Allegra Pericles

Merchandise Staff
Mike Bergman, Sahil Mishra, Kat Doyle

Equipment Manager
James Campbell

Equipment Staff
Matt Turcotte, Sean Gentry, John Siraco,
Jeff Montes, Nadia Stellabotte

Library Manager
Olivia Anderson

Library Staff
Angie Medina, Stephen Hentschel, James Rosado, Sofia Sallaway

AV Manager
Lauren Fiedler

AV Staff
Jeff Chan, Jon Asgeirsson,
Mackay Keegan, Isabel Vaishampayan

Band-Aide Manager
Shayna Lillis

Julia Davis, Arissa Vallee

Field Staff

Emma Coleman *, Isabelle Garland *, Allie Hommer,
Connor Hay, Emily Trainor, Sam O’Brien

Brandon Chan *, Joe McKeever, Alyx Fraser,
Meghan Ryan, Liz Fedirko

Alto Saxes
Ryan Waselik *, Patrick Sullivan, Julian Byun,
Josh Heropolous

Tenor Saxes
EJ Sousa *, Griffin Barber, Jenny Sullivan

Aaron Roesselet *, Cay Dry, Katie Copelas,
Justin Schindler, Ben Goslin, Thomas Gray,
Justin Walker, Jessie Lee

Erin Jenkins *, Katie Fejes,
Deirdre Johnson, Courtney Brennan

Matt Minnehan *, Maddy Maciag, Mike Holman,
Rachel Jurkowski, Zach Numan

Ben Hartman, Maddy Hally

Kyle Godinho *, Colin Plante, Gabby Grondalski, Jessica Fan

Color Guard
Caroline Blanchard, Heather Townsend-Gray, Eliza McCullough,
Sam O’Donnell, Michele Daly, Daniela Jurado

Ally Littlefield

Mike Galetta, Seth Lampert, Joe Weber,
Emily Earl, Adam Stark, Morgan White,
Cecily Mills