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UMass Minuteman Marching Band FAQ


Do I need marching band experience to join the UMMB?

No experience is needed to join the UMMB. The drumline has a video audition, but every other section is open for anyone who would like to join, no audition necessary.

When is band camp?

Full band camp begins August 27th and runs until September 1st for the 2023 season. Registration will occur anywhere from a week to a day before the 27th, depending on your member status. See the full schedule under the "About" tab.

When does the UMMB rehearse?

The UMMB rehearses from 4:40pm to 6:10pm Monday through Friday during the Fall semester.

Will I still have time for a job, studying, other clubs, going to the gym, etc?

Yes. Many of our members get involved with other clubs and organizations in addition to being in the band. It is absolutely doable to involve yourself in many activities and the UMMB during your time at college, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a desirable GPA.

How large is the UMMB?

We are usually somewhere between 300 and 400 members.

Do I need to be a music major to be in the band?

No. The UMMB welcomes members of any major and any ability level.

Does the band perform every weekend?

No. Our schedule depends a lot on the football schedule. We have most Sundays free, and several full weekends free in October and November. Most of our performances are done by late November.

Does the band travel with the Football team?

No. We play all home games, but we don’t typically go to the away games. The band does travel for a couple of performances per season including the UMass at UConn football game in East Hartford, Connecticut and MICCA Finals in Quincy, MA.

Which instruments are played by the UMMB?

Trumpet, Trombone, Mellophone, Euphonium, Tuba, Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Front Ensemble Percussion (mallet percussion, rack, timpani, aux percussion), Battery Percussion (Snare, Bass, Quads, Cymbals). Other sections include Color Guard, Twirlers, and Drum Majors.

How much does it cost to join the UMMB?

There is a one-time new member fee of $125 for winds and percussion and $160 for the color guard. All meals, travel, and housing for band camp and trips is free. Note: The new member fee is separate from the student activities fee.

What is the SPIRE class title?

MUSIC 566. You also need to fill out the iBander to join, which can be found here.

What does a gameday schedule look like?

We rehearse in the morning, eat lunch, and then parade from the band building to the football stadium. We play a pregame concert on the grass outside the stadium, a pregame show on the field, and then play stand tunes during the first two quarters of the game. We play a brief halftime show, and then return to the stands for the second half. We play a longer postgame show after the football game ends.

What are some other music-related groups can I join on campus?

The Hoop & Ice Band, Concert Band, and the Marimba Bands and Ensembles are all popular picks for marching band students. Other groups such as choirs, orchestras, and wind ensembles are available through the music department.

What is multibands?

Multibands is a series of three performances that the UMMB and the Music and Dance department put on together in October in the concert hall of the Fine Arts Center. Many of the top music and dance groups on campus showcase what they have been working on in the first half of the concert, and the marching band plays the second half. The color guard, the twirlers, and the front ensemble each get their own showcase performance as well. Lots of local schools come as well as many parents and alumni.

For any more questions or concerns, please email our Summer Recruiter, Zoe Peritz at

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