Prospective UMass Students

To receive information about joining the Minuteman Marching Band, please email If you are interested in going to school at UMass, please browse the following information and links:

Interest Form

If you are interested in joining the band, please fill out our student interest form so that we can keep in touch!

Audition Information

For Members Interested in a Wind Section

There are no auditions for those interested in being in the band. However, there will be a one-time evaluation of marching and playing that is used just for placement. Please email if you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour of our marching band facilities.

For Members Interested in the Drumline

All first year members interested in the drumline need to submit an audition video by July 7th, 2016. Please visit the drumline website at for instructions. Click on 'audition', download the PDF's, and follow the instructions for the audition procedure. Please email Thom Hannum ( if you have any questions.

For Members Interested in the Color Guard

All new students planning to join the color guard (flag, sabre, rifle), are asked to submit a video of themselves performing. The goal is to showcase your talent level. If you are proficient in more than one piece of equipment please include those in the routine. It can be a solo video to music of your choice or a video of you performing with a guard (fall or winter). Please tells us how to identify you on a group video. The video should be at least 2 minutes. Positions on the Weapons line is limited. Auditions for weapons will be held at band camp but if you intend to audition you should include weapon work in your video. Please upload your videos to YouTube and email a link to

For Members Interested in Twirling

Please contact Kristi Ochs for more information at