Band Day 2021

Each fall, dozens of high school bands join the University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band, the Power and Class of New England, for a day of rehearsal and a thrilling halftime performance. Not only is this great fun for all participants, it offers high school musicians a glimpse of what it is like performing in front of a college audience.

This year, Band Day will be held on October 9th, 2021! Registration for band day is available now! Here is more information on this year's band day!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Band Day coordinators at

Band Day 2021 Instructional Videos

Color Guard and Auxiliary

Fight Mass Dance Breakdown

Fight Mass Dance Demo

Fight Mass Flag Breakdown

Fight Mass Flag Demo

Fight Mass Rifle Breakdown

Fight Mass Rifle Demo

Drum Major

Command Techniques


Leadership Discussion

Whistle Instructional


Instrument Care

Instrument Carriage


Horns (Mello, Tuba, Euphoniums, Baritone)

Euph Carriage

Euph Instrument Care

Mello Horn Carriage

Mellophone Instrument Care

Instrument Tuning

Drone Tuning

Tuner Tuning

Marching and Command Instructionals


Backwards Marching

Forward March

Lateral Slides

Parade Rest

To the Ready

Percussion and Front Ensemble

Bass Drum Instructional

Cymbals Instructional

Fight Mass Front Ensemble Traditions

Holding 4 Mallets

Percussion Overview

Slow Fast Arounds on Quads

Snare Tutorial


Saxophone Horn Carriage

Saxophone Horn Carriage

Saxophone Instrument Care


Trombone Cleaning

Trombone Horn Carriage


Trumpet Horn Carriage

Trumpet Instrument Care

Color Guard and Twirlers

Color guard and twirler routines will be taught on Band Day during the morning rehearsal. Routines will be flashy and fun while being simple and repetitive to accommodate all skill levels. Dancers are also welcome and encouraged to participate.