Band Camp

Ah, those band camp memories: sunburn, sore and aching muscles, early mornings and late nights, jumping jacks, push-ups, exciting music, and five of the most intense and productive days you'll ever experience. Most of all, it means fun, making new friends, and the start of the best marching band that New England has ever seen!

Band Camp Registration will be in the temporary housing dorm which will be in JQA in the Southwest Residential Area. Look for signs when you get onto campus!

Check back soon for the full 2015 band camp schedule!

UMMB Band Camp: It's the Best Way to Start

Okay, you're excited about coming to UMass, but you have this sense of fear that keeps creeping into your excitement. You admit it to yourself - you're afraid you'll get lost on a campus of 18,000 students. You're not sure you'll find your place to fit... there's great news, because the Minuteman Band has a place in its family of 350 waiting for you! By the time the Minuteman Band performs at the New Students Convocation, band members have already spent a week working, having fun, and building friendships that will last a lifetime.

It will become clear at Convocation as you look out at the sea of 4,000 nervous freshman faces, that you have made an excellent choice. You'll already know people in your dorm and upperclassmen in your major to help you through. You'll even know your way around campus. After moving into your new dorm before anyone else at UMass, you'll have already made over 350 friends... and all you had to do was come to Band Camp!

Band Camp - What to Bring

After several years of running band camps, the band staff has provided this list for you. Remember, the end of August generally means HOT days, COOL nights, and a good chance of RAIN, so pack accordingly. LIST OF ESSENTIAL ITEMS TO BRING

____ hat/visor (required)

____ sunblock (required)

____ khaki shorts + maroon P&C's

____ fan

____ backpack

____ water bottle (required)

____ bugspray

____ sunglasses

____ shorts

____ long pants/jeans

____ short & long sleeve shirts

____ sweat shirt/windbreaker

____ athletic socks (bring extras!)

____ comfy broken-in sneakers (please NO sandals)

____ shoes/boots for the rain

____ change for vending machines

____ personal care items

____ soap/shampoo/towels

____ sleeping bag/sheets/pillow

____ pencils & pocket notebook

____ alarm clock

____ any music that you have been sent

____ instrument and reeds, valve/slide oil, mallets, flip folder, etc.

____ a positive attitude!