I-Bander 2014

The new I-Bander is officially ready! It's a bit of a different process this year, instead of google docs, we've migrated the form to the actual site! Please fill out these forms to register for the UMMB for the 2014 season.

Please fill out the corresponding forms, if you are new to the band, fill out the new member registration. If you are returning, fill out the returning member registration.

You can find the New Member registration here: https://www.umass.edu/band/newmembers

You can find the Returning Member I-Bander Here: https://www.umass.edu/band/returningmembers

If you guys find any issues or bugs, please email me at mrudkows@umass.edu. Also logging into member's only will allow you to be able to save your form and come back to it later.

Please also fill out this locker agreement form: https://www.umass.edu/band/lockeragreement

Good luck on finals and have a good summer!