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Asian Languages and Literatures, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Doris G. Bargen

Professor of Japanese
Honors Program Director (Japanese)

Contact Information

Location: Herter 439
Phone:(Not available)
Email: dgbargen at


Courses taught

Japanese 144/ComLit152, Modern Japanese Literature
Japanese 560, Women in Japanese Literature and Film
Japanese 560, Masculinity in Japanese Literature and Film
Japanese 556, Intensive Classical Japanese I
Japanese 143, Classical Japanese Literature
Japanese 592H, THE TALE OF GENJI: Text and Image
Japanese 135, Japanese Arts and Culture
Japanese 570H, Research in Japanese Source Materials
Japanese 691, Graduate Seminar
Japanese 560H, The Samurai
Japanese 143, Courtly Romance and Warrior Epic
Japanese 626, Expository Writing
Japanese 560H, Geisha
Japanese 135H, Japanese Arts and Culture: Performing Arts
Japanese 592B, Seminar: Classical Texts
Japanese 626, Expository Writing
Japanese 235H/Theater297H, The Performing Arts of Japan
Japanese 499D, Rebels and Martyrs


Dr. phil., 1978, Universität Tübingen


Doris G. Bargen, Ph.D. from Eberhard-Karls Universitat, Tübingen, Germany, 1978.  Bargen has published in three areas of interdisciplinary research:  the Japanese classics (A Woman’s Weapon:  Spirit Possession in The Tale of Genji, 1997), the early modern Bakumatsu and Meiji/Taishô periods (Suicidal Honor: General Nogi and the Writings of Mori Ôgai and Natsume Sôseki, 2006), and postwar literature and culture (articles in Monumenta Nipponica, the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, and in The Woman’s Hand). She received a Choice Book Award (1997), a UMass Faculty Research Grant (Healey) and grants from the Fulbright Commission, the Social Science Research Council, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Japan Foundation. She has developed courses at all levels, including a yearlong capstone honors seminar on "Sacrifice and Martyrdom in Japanese Culture." Most recent research interests focus on courtship in the art, architecture, and literature of Heian Japan. 

Research Interests

Heian literature, art, and architecture; samurai culture; Meiji/Taishō literature (Mori Ōgai and Natsume Sōseki)