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Asian Languages and Literatures, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Whom should I contact in the Chinese and Japanese programs?


You should contact this person if you want information about ...

Main Office

Graduate Program, financial matters, faculty request, etc.

Mary Ellen White Maynard

Undergraduate classes and course schedule, Declaration of Minor*

Elena Suet-Ying Chiu

Chinese Major and Minor, Declaration of* (Students last names start with A-L)

David K. Schneider

Chinese Major and Minor, Declaration of* (Students last names start with M-Z)

Stephen M. Forrest

Japanese Major and Minor, Declaration of* (Students last names start with A-L)

Reiko Sono

Japanese Major and Minor (Students last names start with M-Z),

Junior Year Writing Program

Five College Buddhist Studies Certificate Program

Zhongwei Shen

BA the Joint Major in Linguistics and Chinese

Yuki Yoshimura

BA the Joint Major in Linguistics and Japanese

Enhua Zhang

Chinese M.A. program (Graduate Program Director)

Amanda Seaman

Japanese M.A. program (Graduate Program Director)

Chinese Honors Program

Doris G. Bargen

Japanese Honors Program

Zhongwei Shen

Study abroad in China

Stephen M. Forrest

Study abroad in Japan

ChangYoung Park

Study abroad in Korea, Korean Program

Laurel Foster-Moore

Study abroad in Asia (IPO), Study abroad fair, Study abroad scholarships

Zhijun Wang

Chinese Language TAship

Undergraduate Chinese Language tutors

Yu Liu Chinese Language placement exam in order to get credits/ to know your course level

Yuki Yoshimura

Japanese language placement exam, Japanese Language TAship, Undergraduate Japanese language tutors

C. N. Le

Stephen Miller

The Asian Languages and Literatures Program (Program Director)

*Declaration of Minor : Do It by Yourself! During your final semester, fill out DECLARATION OF AN ACADEMIC MINOR FORM (print out from this link, or obtain from the Office of the Registrar in Whitmore Hall). Fill out the form and attach to it a copy of your unofficial transcript. Clearly mark /highlight the courses on your transcript that you wish to count toward your minor. Place the form and the transcript in an envelope and bring them to faculty assigned to you, based on the first letter of your last name (find out from above table. Please see Dr. Steve Forrest for Japanese Program). If the faculty is not there slide the envelope under the door. Once you have carried out these instructions, send the faculty an email to let the faculty know you have filed the documents in her/his office. The faculty will let you know by way of a reply to the email when the minor certification is complete and when you can pick up your form and transcript from them. Please let the faculty know if you have further questions or if you would like to meet to discuss any details.

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