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For Prospective Graduate Students (FAQ)

Q: How do I begin looking for a job if I am accepted into the program?

A: All applicants will automatically be considered for a paid Teaching Assistantship, which includes a full tuition waiver, stipend (as of May 2017, the hourly salary for TA is $25.23; most TAs work 10 hrs/week, but on rare occasions some will work 20 hrs/week), and some health benefits. Although we try to cover as many of our graduate students as possible (depending upon their qualifications), we cannot always guarantee coverage. Our Teaching Assistantships can be for language teaching or assisting with content courses in literature and culture. In order to determine a student’s qualifications for a language-teaching assistantship, one of our full-time language teachers will call the applicant after he/she has been accepted. Keep in mind, that there are other fees assessed to the students with assistantships that are not covered by the assistantship. These generally total less than $1000.00.

Q. What if I did not get a Teaching Assistantship? Are there jobs for graduate students available on campus or locally?

A. There are many temp agencies and search tools for job seekers, but here is one that UMass operates: UMass Amherst Student Job Board

Q: What is the schedule for graduate courses? This information is necessary for a proactive job search.

A: At any point, you can check our course offerings from SPIRE. If this link does not directly lead you to the course search page, please navigate to SPIRE under the "Useful Links" menu on the left of this page. On the SPIRE main page, click on "Search Classes/Catalog" on the right to log in as a guest. To look up Korean courses, select "Asian Studies" as Course Subject.

Q: I received an acceptance letter from your program and have confirmed my enrollment. Which courses should I enroll in?

A: You are going to make the course schedule with your GPD (Graduate Program Director) during or after the Graduate Student Orientation, which is scheduled at the end of or the beginning of September (before the first day of the Fall semester). We will notify you once we finalize the date/time/location of the orientation. For the time being, you can view the Fall course schedule from SPIRE (instruction is above) for your information.