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Linguistics & Chinese Requirements

Prerequisites (24 credits)

Chinese 126: Intensive Elementary Chinese I (Fall), 6 credits

Chinese 246: Intensive Elementary Chinese II (Spring), 6 credits

Chinese 326: Intensive Intermediate Chinese I (Fall), 6 credits

Chinese 327: Intensive Intermediate Chinese II (Spring), 6 credits

Linguistics Component

A. Required Courses (19-20 credits)

Ling 201: Introduction to Linguistic Theory, 3 credits

Ling 401: Introduction to Syntax, 3 credits

Ling 402: Speech Sounds and Structure, 3 credits

B. Select 3 courses from among the following: (9 credits)

Ling 101: People and Their Language, 4 credits

Ling 394BI: Language and Cognition, 3 credits

Ling 397S ST: Linguistics of Sign Language, 3 credits

Ling 404: Field Methods, 3 credits

Ling 410: Introduction to Semantics, 3 credits

Ling 411: Introduction to Language Acquisition, 3 credits

Ling 412: Language Processing and the Brain, 3 credits

Ling 414: Introductory Phonetics for Linguists, 4 credits

Ling 503: Intermediate Syntax, 3 credits

Ling 505: Introduction to Historical Linguistics, 3 credits

Ling 510: Introduction to Semantics, 3 credits

Chinese Component

A. Required Courses (7 credits)

Chinese 375: Introduction to Chinese Linguistics, 3 credits

Chinese 450: Elementary Classical Chinese, 4 credits

B. Select 3 credits from among the following:

Chinese 575: Syntactic Structures of Chinese, 3 credits

Chinese 576: History of the Chinese Language, 3 credits

Chinese 577: Chinese Dialectology, 3 credits

C. Select 6 credits from among the following:

(May include courses from B above beyond the requirement)

Chinese 426: Advanced Modern Chinese I, 3 credits

Chinese 427: Advanced Modern Chinese II, 3 credits

Chinese 432: Media Chinese, 3 credits

Chinese 433: Business Chinese, 3 credits

D. Select 3 credits from among the following:

Chinese 136: Introduction to Chinese Cinema, 3 credits

Chinese 140: Chinese Script, 3 credits

Chinese 150: Peoples & Languages of China, 3 credits

Chinese 197Q: Late Imperial Chinese Literature & Culture, 3 credits

Chinese 241: Contemporary Chinese Literature, 3 credits

Junior Year Writing requirement:

All majors must complete the Junior Year Writing and Integrative Experience requirement in either department. The departmental website lists courses that satisfy the requirement. The course need not be taken in the junior year.

Common requirements for all majors:

Students must have a minimum GPA in the major of 2.0 in order to satisfy the requirements in Linguistics and Chinese Major.

For more information, contact Professor Zhongwei Shen