Image Collection Library

The Image Collection Library (ICL) evolved from the Dorothy Perkins Slide Library to assist faculty and students in the transition from analog to digital image technologies in the classroom.  While the ICL is a branch of the University Library that serves the entire campus, its primary responsibility is to support the needs of the Department of the History of Art and Architecture.  Brian Shelburne is Head of the ICL; Annie Sollinger is Digital Image Metadata Librarian, and Mike Foldy is Senior Image Cataloging and Processing Assistant.

The ICL provides several systems and collections for using digital images on campus.  Luna Insight is a database and presentation tool that builds upon the collection of images created from the Perkins Slide Library.  In addition to our local collection, Luna users can access 250,000 images licensed through the University Library.  ARTstor is another image database that offers close to one million images made available by organizations and individuals throughout the United States.  For more information on these systems, or on ICL services, please contact Brian Shelburne.


Brian Shelburne
Head of ICL
(413) 545-4061

Annie Sollinger
Digital Image Metadata Librarian
(413) 545-4978

Mike Foldy
Senior Image Cataloging & Processing Asst.
(413) 545-6848


Image Collection Library
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Phone: 545-3314
Fax: 545-3135
Hours: Monday-Friday, 12-4 PM