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Major Requirements for Students Entering the University Prior to Fall 2019

The major requires a minimum of 13 courses (39-41 credits) in History of Art and Architecture distributed as follows:

  • Two (2) 100-level surveys (100, 110, 115, 116, or 118)
  • One (1) course at any level in non-Western art
  • One (1) course at any level in history of Architecture
  • One (1) upper-level (200 and above) course in each of the following five (5) areas:
    • Ancient
    • Medieval
    • Renaissance/Baroque
    • Modern (19th – 21st centuries)
    • Art of the Americas
  • Three (3) upper-level (200 or above) electives in History of Art and Architecture
  • Art-Hist 370:  The Department’s Junior Year Writing Course.  All majors must take the course in the fall semester of the Junior year.
  • Art-Hist 415: Methods of Art History. Majors must take the Department’s Integrative Experience course to complete General Education requirements.

There is no mandatory sequence for meeting the above requirements; when and how to take the above requirements will vary depending on student interests, plan, and schedule.  However, students should meet with their History of Art & Architecture advisor on a regular basis to ensure that requirements are being met in a timely and effective way.