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Major Requirements for Students Declaring the Major Fall 2019 or Later

If you declared your major in Fall 2019 or later, you can download and print your major requirements here.

Note: Students who declared the major prior to Fall 2019 have different requirements, which you can see here.

Introductory Survey Courses (100-Level)
Take two of these five introductory courses:

Art-Hist 100: Survey: Ancient-Medieval Art
Art-Hist 110: Survey: Renaissance-Modern Art
Art-Hist 115: Visual Arts, Artists, and Cultures: An Introduction to Looking
Art-Hist 116: Art & Visual Culture of East Asia
Art-Hist 118 History of Architecture and the Built Environment

Time Periods*
Take at least one upper level (200-499) course in each of the following three time periods:

Early Modern-19th Century
20th-21st Century

Geographical Areas* 
Take at least one upper level (200-499) course in each of the following four geographical areas: 

Africa & the Middle East
Europe & the Mediterranean
Asia & the Pacific
The Americas

Take three upper level (200-499) courses in History of Art & Architecture**

Junior Year Writing & Integrative Experience courses*** 

Art-Hist 370: Junior Year Writing
Art-Hist 415: Methods of Art History

A cumulative minimum 2.0 GPA is required for all courses in the major.

A maximum of four courses taken outside the Department may be counted toward the major.

* An upper-level (200-499) History of Art & Architecture course may count only once toward either a time period or geographical requirement, not both.  The student decides which requirement the course will fulfill. 
**A related course in another department may be used as one upper-level elective with approval from a History of Art & Architecture faculty advisor or the Undergraduate Program Director. 
*** Required of primary Art History majors only. Second majors are not required to complete either Junior Year Writing or the Integrative Experience.


Note: There is no mandatory sequence for meeting the above requirements; when and how to take the above requirements will vary depending on student interests, plan, and schedule.  However, students should meet with their History of Art & Architecture advisor on a regular basis to ensure that requirements are being met in a timely and effective way.