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Major Requirements

Those admitted to the major should have completed any two of the four introductory courses:  Art-Hist 100, 110, 115, and 118 (or, for transfer students, their equivalents).  The Art-Hist 100 / 110 sequence is especially recommended for majors.

The major requires a minimum of 13 courses (41 credits) in History of Art and Architecture distributed as follows:

  • Two 100-level survey courses:  Art-Hist 100, 110, 115, 118
  • One course at any level in non-Western art
  • One course at any level in history of Architecture
  • One upper-level course in each of the following five areas:
  • Ancient
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance/Baroque
  • Modern (19th – 21st centuries)
  • American
  • Three upper-level electives in History of Art and Architecture
  • Art-Hist 370:  The Department’s Junior Year Writing Course.  All majors must take the course in the fall semester of the Junior year. 
  • In addition, students must take the Department’s Integrative Experience Course to complete General Education requirements:  Art-Hist 415: Methods of Art History. 

A cumulative minimum 2.0 GPA is required for all courses applied to major requirements.

At the discretion of the instructor, Junior Year Writing (Art-Hist 370) may fulfill both the Junior Year Writing requirement and a distribution requirement, but if it does, a fourth upper-level elective in History of Art and Architecture is required.

Students are not required to take Art-Hist 370 if they changed the major after completing Junior Year Writing in another department or if History of Art and Architecture is the secondary major and the Junior Year Writing requirement is fulfilled in the primary major.

With those possible exceptions for the Junior Year Writing requirement, nine of the 13 classes needed for the major must be taken in the Department at the University of Massachusetts.  Up to four courses may be taken at other institutions, including other schools in the Five College Consortium and programs abroad.  For any course taken outside of the University, the student must provide a copy of the syllabus and petition the faculty to have the course count towards the major.  Any upper-level course for distribution taken off-campus must be approved by the advisor or the Undergraduate Program Director.