Anne Mochon

Anne Mochon teaches the history of 20th century art and regularly offers courses in Modern Art (1880-present), Contemporary Art (1940-present), and Women and Contemporary Art.

Her graduate education focused on 19th and early 20th century European art at Yale, with an emphasis on Germany. Since coming to UMass in 1971, she has developed courses in 20th century art, her primary interest. Most recently she offered graduate seminars in Primitivism and 20th Century Art (1996) and Cultural Experiment in Weimar Germany (1997).

Beyond UMass, Anne Mochon has organized exhibitions on artists Gabriele Münter and Alexei Jawlensky for American museums, and has offered outreach courses in contemporary art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield.


Professor Emeritus of Art History


Contact Information
Anne Mochon
325 Bartlett Hall, UMass
Amherst, MA 0l003

Phone: 413-545-3595


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