Art History Faculty

The Art History Faculty
Art History Program
Department of Art and Art History
317 Bartlett Hall
130 Hicks Way
Amherst, MA 0l003-9269
  Walter B. Denny, Professor
Ph.D., Harvard, 1971
Islamic, Museum Studies, Orientalism
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  Kristine E. Haney, Professor
Ph.D., NYU, 1978
Medieval, Decorative Arts
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  Laetitia La Follette, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Princeton, 1986
Ancient Art and Archaeology, Art History and Cybertechnology
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  William T. Oedel, Associate Professor
M.A., Winterthur Program in Early American Culture, 1973; Ph.D., Delaware, 1981
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  Mario Ontiveros, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 2005
Modern and Contemporary Art
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  Tim Rohan, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Harvard, 2001
American and European Architecture
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  Monika Schmitter, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Michigan, 1997
Italian Renaissance and Baroque
  J. Leonard Benson, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Basel
Ancient Art and Archaeology, Decorative Arts
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  Craig Harbison, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Princeton, 1972
Northern European, Methods, History of Prints
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  Anne Mochon, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Yale
Modern, Contemporary
  Loretta Yarlow, Adjunct Professor
Ed.M., Harvard, 1971
Specialized in the field of museum education; courses at the Graduate School of Education and the Department of Fine Arts

Library and Art History Support Staff

  Steven Folsom
Metadata Librarian, Image Collection
  Brian Shelburne
Head, Image Collection Library
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Celeste Stuart, Art History Secretary

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