Timothy M. Rohan

Timothy Rohan first became interested in modern architecture as an undergraduate at Yale University. He then worked in the Architecture and Design Department at the Museum of Modern Art, NY, gave regular gallery talks on modern and contemporary art at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and completed his dissertation at Harvard University (PhD ’01) on the American architect Paul Rudolph. His particular area of research is the architecture, theory and urbanism of the 1950s and 60s, but he is interested in all that pertains to “architecture culture” and the “built environment.” He has published some articles on Paul Rudolph, an essay on the early 20th c. architect Edwin Lutyens and is working on other related articles about the post-WW II period.

Each year, he teaches an introductory class on the history of architecture (191A) as well as surveys of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (531 & 532) and a graduate seminar. He encourages students in his classes to discover the connections between architecture’s major themes and local buildings that they can experience for themselves.


"Lutyens, the Miniature and the Gigantic," Lutyens Abroad. Edited by Gavin Stamp and Andrew Hopkins (Rome: The British School at Rome, 2002) p. 115-128.

“Canon and Anti-Canon: On the Rise and Fall of the A + A,” Harvard Design Magazine, June 2001, no. 14, p. 24-32.

"The Dangers of Eclecticism: Paul Rudolph's Jewett Arts Center," Anxious Modernisms: Experimentation in Postwar Architectural Culture. Edited by Sarah Williams Goldhagen and Réjean Legault (Montreal: Canadian Centre for Architecture & the MIT Press, 2000), p. 191-214.

"Rendering the Surface: Paul Rudolph's Art & Architecture Building at Yale,"
Grey Room. Vol. 1, no. 1, Fall 2000, p. 84-107.

"Public and Private Spectacles: Paul Rudolph's Manhattan Penthouse, 1977-1999"
Casabella. Vol. 673/674, December 1999, p. 138-149.


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Associate Professor of Art History


Graduate Program Director

Contact Information
Timothy M. Rohan
Art History Program
Department of Art, Architecture & Art History
Bartlett Hall, UMass
130 Hicks Way
Amherst, MA 0l003-9269

Phone: 413-545-6987

Email: tmrohan@arthist.umass.edu

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