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Nicholas Sullivan

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Candidate

Video stills from Decisively Indifferent © 2008

Before Breakfast
This film was most importantly an ode to the beauty of the classic silent film. As someone exploring the medium of film, I feel like a lot of artists get lost in a world of audio that they can’t understand and consequently end up with a messy piece. In this piece I was hoping to simplify the process and the outcome for a polished clean narrative depicting everyday life. The black and white imagery is again a response the earlier films, as was the song choice. I find it interesting to create a film in present day, that can look and feel as though it came from a different time, and what it takes to do that. The narrative was something I had explored in earlier pieces but took a short detour away from in what I might call an “experimental phase”. This phase being short-lived the ability to create something beautifully simplistic was not only something I wanted to do, but was something I needed to do. This video is meant to be refreshing and light hearted. NS

Before Breakfast © 2008

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