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Michael Childress

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Candidate

Video stills from Dream of Icarus © 2008

Dream of Icarus is a film I made out of a desire for a performance piece involving sets and props. I started with an image of constructed wings and listed the associations that came with them; flight, angels, freedom, myth, etc. I find that wings are powerful images that are complex and multifaceted. My intentions in this movie were to maintain these maintain these qualities and create a metaphorical story. My character dreamed of flying and created a means to do so. He fails, but still lives and walks away, either to try again or to move on. The ending was specifically left open, allowing for the viewer’s preconceived notions of failure to decide my characters fait. I find this decision to be relevant to many aspects of life. Does one try again when the outlook is not good? Or should we move on after we fail? MC

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