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Deb Karpman

 MFA Alumnae


Artist’s Statement 2008
A loss of form or stability provides the armature for the conceptual underpinnings of this current body of work. Candy-stripe hues and neon colors provide the gimmick, the promise. These works hover in a tenuous space between pleasure and anxiety. Marked by explosions, frozen reverberations, and dissolutions, these forms coalesce and fuse only to subsequently contort, bend, melt, spill, drip, and fall. Structures churn and slip along fault lines. Abstracted bodies clench and clasp, dislodging the bursts. The imagery exists in a state of impending fragmentation and precariousness. The forms remain in existential uncertainty, prevented from becoming rooted, grounded, or secure. An undercurrent of violence or strain both tempered and contradicted by the delicacy and fragility of the works’ materiality.

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