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Herter Gallery is pleased to present two new exhibitions.

A Public Reception will be held for the artists on Thursday, January 24th, from 4 until 6pm 

Both exhibitions will be on public view from January 24th—February 22nd 


"Dark Days Pays"

Mixed-media sculpture by Benjamin Jones, Assistant Professor of Sculpture in the Studio Arts Program

Ben Jones

The Sporting Life

"...Sculptures are hyperbolic amalgams that borrow from the worlds of design, architecture, engineering and popular culture. I harvest information, images and forms from the world around us and cross-breed, conflate and reconfigure these elements; positioning them as open-ended propositions that explore the complexities of our rapidly shrinking world.
Each piece functions as a fragment of a narrative; loose and approachable yet when seen together a much more complex story emerges. Each piece begins with a central question exploring oppositions, I am drawn to images that express dualities; structure & collapse, fluid & frozen. I approach each project as a mix of question and expression. I want to seduce an audience through the physicality of the sculpture while engaging them intellectually.
The four works in this exhibition examine my own anxieties in relation to national security, domestic security, energy independence, and my own sense of mortality. Though much of my subject matter is quite serious, I try to maintain a sense of the hysterical and even the absurd. The resulting works are often as curious as they are confident and as awkward as they are proud. I explore these relationships through a kind of sculptural collage, a system in which ideas and forms collide leaving in their wake a palette of impossible hybrids..."



"This Æther's Keeps Soakin' Up Our Rays"

Recent drawings and sculpture by AJ Liberto, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Studio Arts Program

AJ Liberto

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