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Ben Pedersen & Sophia Flood - Forest Floor

November 19 - December 14, 2015

Opening Reception: November 19th, 4:00- 6:00 pm

In the west gallery, Ben Pedersen and Sophia Flood will present an exhibition entitled: FOREST FLOOR. 

Ben describes his work thusly:- '...Working in an additive manner using the humble materials surrounding me, I employ my subconscious, dreams, intuition, and learned sculptural tropes to create myriad hybrid forms. For Ben Pedersen, the idea of accessing the immaterial through the material is important, Here, a romantic approach is balanced with dystopian and multi-faceted perspective concurrent with the culture in which the artist finds himself."

Sophia Flood presents a series of works that use the painting-sculpture relationship, in part to explore the fissures between romance and experience, the ideal and the real. The artist views her work as an attempt to resurrect something lost, as much as it is about setting up space for a new encounter, one that permits the viewer's own experience to bloom within the object's parameters.