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Angela Malchionno

BFA, 2D Studies, 2003
currently an MFA candidate at Southern Illinois University
web project:

Instructions for Flight I, graphite on mylar, © 2008

Instructions for Flight II, graphite on mylar, © 2008

Instructions for Flight IV , graphite on mylar, © 2008

Instructions for Flight V, graphite on mylar, © 2008

If You Ever, encaustic, 24" x 26" © 2005

Hunting the Wary Snow Goose, encaustic, 24" x 26" © 2005

Artist Statement

The series of etchings that I am currently working on are the visual manifestations of my own experiences. Each print represents a different facet from a particular experience I have had. The images are not directly lifted from the event (for example, I am not using personal photographs). Instead, I have appropriated imagery from various dated texts. The reason I use appropriated images and not my own is for two reasons. One, I am by nature a private person, and my wish is not to present my history for all to see, as an exercise in voyeurism.  I do not intend the viewer to discern the exact subject or issue specified. The second reason is that I believe replacing these memories with substitutes speaks directly to the intangible nature of memory. The processing also lends an ambiguity to the imagery, and furthers the idea that memory is constructed. It has little to with the actual place and time in the past, and everything to do with how one remembers it.

     Each of these works is untitled. I do not want to lead the viewer in a specific direction with titles, even vague ones. The question that may arise to challenge this notion would ask, 'Why present these as art, when they are little more than self help exercises?' Again, the work is composed of vague figures and objects. A television set, and in another, a basketball game. I present the art in this way (not as a journal, or family photo) because I don't think that the experiences I have had are exclusive to myself. The images are an end point for me, a lesson learned, but for the viewer, they are a starting point. In this way, I have provided a caveat, however ambiguous, from the conclusions I have drawn. The work is the conclusion.

      Much of the theory I have been studying lately stresses the fact that we live in a world that has become hyper real, where visual information and current events have little to do with reality. Short of engaging a philosophical/existential discussion, I seek to illustrate the fact that this belief can be applied to our internal lives. No one should think their own life so important, or their experience so singular, that they are unable to think on the effect their actions have on others every day. I make my work with this humbling notion in mind.

May, 2005

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