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Steve Buddington, BFA 2002

Installation view with YYZ and Rough Draft, 2004
Rough Draft, oil on canvas, 48" x 59" 2004

Summary / Curriculum Vitae

Stece Buddington recently received his M.F.A. Degree in Painting and Printmaking from the Yale School of Art. His work has been shown at the Alpha Gallery on Newbury St. in Boston, and in various alternative exhibition spaces in New York and Providence. His work was recently published in American Letters and Commentary, and can also be seen in the permanent collection of the Cape Ann Historical Museum. Steve is currently teaching painting at the University of Vermont, Burlington.

Atist Statement:

“Articles are some of the smallest words in the English language and yet the influence they exert on the meaning of a sentence is vast. Without articles we are condemned to a world of the nonspecific and the general, or perhaps worse, the cliché. Through painting I seek relationship with the specific objects that make up my world. A doorknob is all but overlooked until the day it stops working. For me the process of building a painting is as important as the thing I paint. I don’t generally plan my paintings, but allow them a degree of self-determination, which translates for me as a mysterious encounter with a will not wholly my own…

My paintings are exercises or experiments in the activity of looking again; how can I see this object differently, what did I miss by assuming I had exhausted the meaning of what was before me, believing I had figured it out. At what point can I begin to see the thing itself, rather that the word that gives it life in language? If painting is a visual language, how can the visual reality of the thing I paint, in my case, often my dictionary, trump its work. In important ways, this is why I stick with the dictionary, an object whose function is to preserve the importance of words in their specificity, with its own word emblazoned across its chest: The American Heritage Dictionary.

Life is nothing if not mysterious. Through the daily activity of returning always to the same object, I hope to engage with that mystery in my work and in the process make it more available for those viewers who see my paintings, and are compelled, as I am, to look again.”

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