University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Apply to Pursue a Minor in Studio Art


If you are interested in becoming an Art Minor, please follow the steps below:

  1. Print, complete, and submit the Art Minor Intent form to the Art Department main office, 218 SAB.  The deadline for admission to minor in Studio Art is rolling, and you should submit your form as early as possible. You must submit your application no later than the start of your last semester.
  2. Complete the following courses, with an average grade of 2.0 or better: 

    Foundations Program (7 or 8 credits)

    • ART110 OR ART104
    • ART131 OR ART105

    Studio Requirements (9 credits)

    • Three upper level studio art courses (200 level or above)

    Art History Requirements (4 or 8 credits)

    • ART-HIST100 + ART-HIST110 OR
    • ART-HIST115
  3. Upon completion of the required courses, submit the following materials to the Art Department main office, 218 SAB:

    1. The Art Minor Completion form, printed and filled out

    2. The Declaration of Minor form, printed and TOP SECTION (section “A”)  ONLY completed (leave section “B” blank)

    3. A printed copy of your unofficial transcript from SPIRE, with required Art and Art History courses highlighted

    4. A digital portfolio of 10-15 images of artwork completed in the course of your degree, submitted on a USB thumb drive (CDs are not accepted, and thumb drives will not be returned).  Number the image files in the order you would like them to be viewed and include your last name, e.g. 01_Smith.jpg

    5. A printed inventory of your portfolio, consisting of a numbered list of your portfolio images, the title (if any), semester completed, media, the course for which it was made, and dimensions/duration of each work

    6. You must submit these materials BEFORE your graduation date.  Minors cannot be added to the record of a graduated student.

Guidelines for Digital Portfolio Submissions:

All still images should be saved in JPEG format only and be placed in a single folder on the thumb drive. Resize each JPEG file to 1280 pixels in the largest dimension (maximum 4 megabytes) for viewing on-screen. Label your files using your last name and the double-digit numerical order in which you intend the work to be viewed, as indicated on your printed portfolio inventory. ​Example: 01_Smith.jpg, 02_Smith.jpg, etc.​  

For video files and other time-based media, individual file size should not exceed 50 MB, and total run time of all time-based submissions should not exceed five minutes.

Do not submit a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation or PDF files.

All digital files MUST be able to open cross-platform on Macintosh and Windows compatible computers.

Test your media before sending it in!