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The Painting discipline seeks to develop an integrated understanding of painting in abroad range of mediums as well as a high level of technical skill. The program is designed to encourage creative independence and to cultivate an enquiring and imaginative approach in addressing the formal, technical and conceptual problems associated with the practice of painting in the widest possible sense.

The discipline of painting is currently centered around a series of five sequential courses:
Painting I, Art 220: Representational Painting, Oil
Painting II, Art 221: Representational Painting, Aqueous
Painting IIl, Art 223: Theme Based Studio
IV, Advanced Tutorial
Painting V, Pre-Thesis Tutorial

Courses have been structured in order to ensure that each semester builds upon the previous semester's work in terms of content, skill development and individual research. In these courses students are provided with a sound knowledge of the theory and practice, which leads to the development of personal study paths and self-designed projects culminating in the presentation of a BFA Thesis Project exhibition, which takes place during the final semester in one of the campus galleries.

Painting Course Websites:

Art 220: Representational Painting in Oil

Art 223: Modes of Narrative Painting

Art 401: B.F.A. Painting


Studio Arts Building Print Studio

The Discipline of Printmaking is a sequence of courses that provides for research and rigorous inquiry into the means, methods and practices of image production.The focus is on repetition, multiplicity, and sequence as they relate to the printed image. Students are encouraged and enabled to experiment and test the limits of both conventional and current digital printmaking practices. Access to the print studios, related spaces and equipment is limited to students who are currently enrolled in classes.

The program offers a comprehensive exploration and inquiry into the discipline of printmaking through a sequence of introductory and upper-level courses in Intaglio, Aluminum Plate, Stone and Offset Lithography, Digital Media: Still Image, Digital Media: Time Based, Monotype, Silkscreen, and Relief Printmaking. Photo Intaglio, Photo Silkscreen and Photo Lithographic processes as well as Book Arts are also taught as part of an integrated curriculum. Course are largely practice-based and aim to develop potential through an investigation of methods and techniques appropriate to the realization of individual ideas and interests.

Like all traditional mediums, printmaking continues to expand upon its traditional base. Some of the recent major advancements have occurred at the crossing of digital and analog procedures. The Digital Print Center, housed within the print studios, supports large format pigment printing as well as scanning and the generation of 'film positives' for use with screen printing, lithography, photo-etching, and output onto other media.

For juniors and seniors, study abroad programs and internship opportunities are strongly encouraged.

Completion of a written Thesis about the creative work together with a BFA Thesis Project exhibition is a requirement for graduation.

Our print facilities include:
4 - 30" x 50" Brand Lithographic Presses
4 American French intaglio presses:
24" x 48"
30" x 50"
20.5" x 40"
30 1/2" x 50"
Powered Vandercook Press
Dufa Offset Press
Large Stone library
Silkscreen exposure unit : 37" x 45"
Intaglio Exposure Unit: 31" X 48"
Paper making facilities including screens up to 22" x 30"

Digital Studio with 17 iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB memory with Adobe CS 4, Final Cut Pro 3 Studio
Digital Print Center with 4 Mac computers with Adobe CS 4, Final Cut Pro 3 Studio
Epson Large Format Archival Printers including a 7600 and a 9880
Large format flatbed, slide and film scanners.

View Print Studios

Course Websites:

Art 240 Relief 1

Art 241 Intaglio 1

Art 397i Digital Media: Printmaking Photopolymer Gravure

Art 297BB Digital Media: Printmaking Silkscreen

Art 397M Monotype: The Painterly Print

Art 275 Digital Media: Still Image

Art 297CC Digital Media: Time Based

Studio Arts Building Photography Studios


Courses in photography are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in technical practice and conceptual, innovative and critical approaches. It is recommended that individuals learn both black and  white and color, darkroom and digital processes and, in turn, broaden their definitions of photography within the context of art making.

Opportunities to experiment with both traditional and non-traditional materials are presented in relation to explorations in “documentary,” performative, textual, and site-specific practices. All courses include a theoretical component where photography is discussed within the larger framework of visual culture. Students are also encouraged to take courses in photographic history and film studies

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