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Studio Art Courses

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

104 Basic Studio/Drawing (AT) (both sem)
105 Basic Studio/Design (AT) (both sem)
110 Basic Studio/Drawing I (AT) (1st sem)
120 Drawing Composition (both sem)
131 Two-Dimensional Design I (1st sem) (AT) 4 cr
141 Three-Dimensional Design I
142 Three-Dimensional Design II (2nd sem) 4 cr
201 Advanced Drawing (both sem)
202 Advanced Drawing Problems
220 Painting I: Representation I (both sem)
221 Painting II: Representation II (both sem)
223 Painting III: Methods (both sem)
230 Photography I (both sem)
231 Photography II (2nd sem)
240 Relief I – Printmaking
241 Intaglio I – Printmaking
243 Monotype
244 Lithography I – Printmaking (1st sem)
260 Figure Modeling: 3-D Studies (both sem)
261 Wood: 3-D Studies (both sem)
271 Introduction to Computing in the Fine Arts
274 Animation Fundamentals (both sem)
275 Digital Media: Still Image
280 Handbuilding: 3-D Studies (both sem)
281 Throwing: 3-D Studies (both sem)
297 Special Topics
Introduction to Color (2nd sem)
Introduction to Visual Culture (2nd sem)
Media and Motion Graphics
320 Painting IV: Advanced (both sem)
336 Information Design I (1st sem)
338 Information Design II (2nd sem)
340 Relief II — Printmaking
341 Intaglio II — Printmaking
342 Lithography II — Printmaking (1st sem)
345 Digital Media: Printmaking
346 Digital Media: Offset Lithography
347 Digital Media: Silkscreen
360 Mold Making/Production: 3-D Studies (1st sem)
361 Sculpture IV: 3-D Studies
363 Metals: 3-D Studies (both sem)
370 Junior Year Writing Program (both sem)
374 Computer Animation I (1st sem)
375 Digital Media: Time Based
380 Ceramics III: 3-D Studies
381 Advanced Ceramics IV: 3-D Studies (2nd sem)
384 Computer Animation II (2nd sem)
396 Independent Study
Art Education
397 Special Topics
Painting and Drawing (2nd sem)
Photography III (1st sem)
Photography in the Expanded Field
401 B.F.A. Degree Project/2-D Studies (both sem)
402 B.F.A. Degree Project/3-D Studies (both sem)
404 B.F.A. Degree Project/Animation (both sem)
420 Painting V (both sem)
460 Sculpture V: 3-D Studies (both sem)
461 Senior Seminar 3-D Studies: Sculpture VI (both sem)
471 Senior Seminar: Animation (1st sem)
480 Seminar: 3-D Studies: Ceramics V (both sem)
481 Senior Seminar 3-D Studies: Ceramics VI (both sem)
491 Seminar
New York Professional Outreach Program (N.Y.P.O.P.) (both sem)
B.F.A. Animation Project (2nd sem)
Art Education
496 Independent Study
497 Special Topics
Photography IV: Advanced (2nd sem)
499 Honors

Art Education (ART ED)

256 Student Teaching Seminar (2nd sem)
310 Visual Arts and Human Development I (1st sem)
311 Visual Arts and Human Development II (2nd sem)
501 Student Teaching Practicum PreK-8 (2nd sem)
502 Student Teaching Practicum 5-12 (2nd sem)
515 Advanced Problems in Art Education K-9 (1st sem)
516 Advanced Problems in Art Education 5-12 (1st sem)

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