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Graduate Art Student Association

Graduate Art Student Association

The Graduate Art Student Association (GASA) is committed to enhancing the educational experience of its members, as well as promoting the visual arts campus wide. We achieve this by building a community of artists with this same goal. GASA meets twice a month, and offers a monthly critique as a way of creating an environment for discussion about the work that is being made by it's members. In this way, GASA allows students to cross disciplines and get to know people and their work that they may not have had an opportunity to. This gives members an opportunity to talk about their work, and give and receive valuable feedback within an informal setting. We are very interested in supporting the visual arts on campus. We intend to do this in a variety of ways, including a visiting artist lecture series, sculpture rental, art auction, an annual kinetic sculpture race and art ball etc. GASA also acts as a communication bridge between students and administration. GASA encourages change and offers a forum for it. The group is mainly composed of graduate art students, yet is open to any and all who are interested. We have a list serve as a way of broadening communication between members.


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