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Foundations : First Year Studio Program

Foundations Studio is a year-long course designed to introduce students to the materials, techniques, language, concepts and processes of making, using and thinking about Art. Unlike many other art courses, Foundations Studio is an experience where learning comes not only from the projects and their results but also from the interaction among the entire group of students - actions, opinions and participation of fellow students becomes an important part of the art experience and learning.

The basic premise of Foundations Studio is twofold:
First, this course explores art and design as an experimental practice where invention and investigation play essential roles. Instead of considering introductory level art/design merely as a discipline for producing “solutions” to problems, students will engage in a process of rich qualitative research and reflection.

Second, the principal context for this course is current practices in contemporary art/design, which is a vast arena of diverse styles, techniques, materials, subjects, forms, purposes, and aesthetic traditions. Thus developing a “foundation” in art and design entails developing an awareness of contemporary art-making practices, which in turn reflects the major changes of thinking in both art and society in recent years. Through rigorous formal experimentation in two and three dimensions and examining the terms and concepts of visual artists, students will be challenged to create imaginative and open responses to the question of how s/he connects visually to the world at large.

The course aims to keep a healthy tension and balance between formal concepts, hands-on skills, imagination, and critical thinking. In addition to the studio practice, lectures, readings, and visits to museums and galleries provides a framework for understanding contemporary practice in art and design.

The objectives of the year-long study in Foundations Studio:

• Engage with a process-oriented approach to studio arts and design.

• Explore a variety of artistic techniques and mediums.

• Introduce organizational principles of 2-D and 3-D design.

• Investigate a variety of methodologies for the resolution of abstract problems and learn
  abstract and critical thinking skills.

• Understand the visual and verbal vocabulary of studio arts and design.

• Understand and use the process of critique through desk critiques, informal pin-ups and formal presentations.

• Develop an awareness of the importance of visual, verbal and writing skills for visual

• Breakdown pre-conceived ideas of the nature of art and design.

Freshman Year: First Semester
16 cr

Freshman Year: Second Semester 16 cr

Foundations Program 10 cr

 Foundations Program 10 cr

___Art 110 Foundations Drawing GE 3 cr

___Art 120 Found. Drawing Comp. 3 cr

___Art 131 Foundations Studio I 4 cr

___Art 142 Found. Studio II 4 cr

___Art History 100 Anc.- Med. GE 3 cr

___Art History Ren.– Mod. GE 3 cr

___General Education Course 3 cr

___General Education Course 3 cr

___General Education Course 3 cr

___General Education Course 3 cr

For additional information or questions about the Foundations Program, please contact Professor Young Min Moon or Francis Merrigan.

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