Airborne School - Fort Benning, GA

Some Cadets may be offered the opportunity to attend Basic Airborne School and become a paratrooper. Becoming a paratrooper is a unique experience requiring special dedication and a desire to be challenged mentally and physically. During this three-week course, also known as Basic Airborne Course, students learn the techniques involved in parachuting from airplanes and landing safely. The final test includes a non-assisted jump.

Week 1: Ground Week

During the first week, students encounter daily physical fitness and basic parachutist training. They are taught how to wear the parachute harness and how to use special training apparatus. The mock door allows the student to learn the proper method of exiting an aircraft; the parachute landing fall platform assists the student in developing proper parachute landings; the lateral drift apparatus develops the proper technique for controlling the parachute during descent; and the 34-foot tower exposes the student to the physical sensation of the actual jump.

Week 2: Tower Week

The second week of training is a learning reinforcement period with continued physical trainin. To advance to week three, students must qualify on:

• 34 Ft Tower
• Swing Landing Trainer
• Mock Door for Mass Exit Training
• Suspended Harness
• 250 Ft Tower

Week 3: Jump Week

During the evaluation phase, the student makes five qualifying jumps which includes one night jump. Three use the conventional parachute and two more jumps use the new steerable parachute.

Throughout the fast-moving course of instruction, mental alertness and physical conditioning are emphasized. Physical conditioning is a must prior to attending this course. Airborne School is designed for those who possess the desire, motivation and courage to join the elite fraternity known as "THE AIRBORNE."

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