Cadre Leadership

ROTC cadre

Every Army ROTC program has designated Cadre that oversee all Cadet training, provide guidance and mentorship to Cadets, and ensure that Cadets receive optimal training.All of our instructors have a great deal of experience in the United States Army and will ensure that you receive high quality training.

LTC Stephen Magner
Logistics, Professor of Military Leadership, MS IV Advisor


 MSG John Diggles

Infantry, Senior Military Science  Instructor, MS III advisor


 MAJ Colin Brooks
Signal Corps, Executive Officer, Military History Advisor

 CPT Brandon Kilbane
Field Artilery, S1, UMass MS II Advisor

 CPT Christopher Enyart
Logistics, S4, UMASS MS I Advisor


CPT Zachary McAdams

Infantry, S3, WNEU OIC, WSU MS I/II Advisor


 SFC Eric Oberndorf

Infantry, S3 NCO, WNEU MS I/II Advisor


 Travis Wright, GS
Enrollment & Scholarship Officer / Advisor

Brenda Barrett, University Employee

Office Manager


 Ted Rodgers, GS

WNEU/WSU Human Resource Assistant


 Ken Hebert, GS

Supply Technician