Archaeological Services retains a full-time staff with proven experience in the preparation of comprehensive conservation plans, which include cultural and historic resource studies and surveys; assistance in the preparation of environmental documents, which entail compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act; and preparation of cultural resources documents, including agreement documents that meet the requirements of the advisory Council of Historic Preservation, the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers, and other applicable legislation and standards.

Staff members include the director, project archaeologists, laboratory supervisor, field survey supervisors, and the archaeological field survey team. Sub-consultants frequently are retained for material culture analysis and historical research.


Eric S. Johnson, Ph.D.
(413) 545

Kathryn Curran, Ph.D.
Project Archaeologist, GIS Specialist, Graphic Artist
(413) 577-0776

Kerry Lynch, Ph.D.
Project Archaeologist, Underwater Specialist
(413) 545-2867

Julie Woods, M.A.
Laboratory Supervisor

Chris Douyard, M.A.

F. Timothy Barker
Field Supervisor, Archaeologist
(413) 530

Antonio Medina
Crew Chief, Archaeologist
(413) 575

Goldie McCarty
Business Manager
(413) 545

Main Office
Machmer Hall, Room E-15
(413) 545

Elizabeth Harlow, Ph.D.
Artifact Analyst
(413) 238-4236


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