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Fall Lecture: Jana Kristina Vandergoot

Architecture and the Forest Aesthetic

Despite population trends toward urbanization, the forest continues to have a strong appeal to the human imagination, and the human preference for forest over many other types of terrain is well documented. In this talk on the "Forest Aesthetic" VanderGoot will discuss excerpts from her recent book, which is a review of many ingenious ways in which the forest aesthetic has been expressed in design and urbanism. She will share case study projects, including some of her own architectural work, that open designers to the forest as a model for an urban architecture of permeable floors, protective canopies, connected food chains, beneficial decomposition, and resilient ecologies. Much can be learned about the features of the forest from the natural sciences; however, when they are given due consideration technically and metaphorically in the design of urban habitat, the places in which humans live become living forests.

Jana VanderGoot is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. She holds a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, a Master of Architecture from University of Virginia, and a Bachelor of Architecture from University of Notre Dame. Jana is a registered architect, founding partner of VanderGoot Ezban Studio, and 2011 recipient of the Rieger Graham Prize, ICAA affiliated fellowship at the American Academy in Rome. Her new book Architecture and the Forest Aesthetic: A New Look at Design and Resilient Urbanism was published by Routledge in 2018.

All lectures will be held at 5:30pm in Design Building Room 170. All lectures are free and open to the public. Free parking is available after 5:00pm in surface lots.