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Envision Depot Square Exhibition + Holyoke / UMass Partnership Celebration

ENVISION DEPOT SQUARE EXHIBITION + Holyoke / UMass PARTNERSHIP CELEBRATION, showcase a semester of collaborative community engagement by students in the UMASS CIVIC ENGAGEMENT & SERVICE LEARNING and ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN Programs. 

This event is part of "Envision Depot Square Holyoke," a collaborative project based in Holyoke and organized by the University of Massachusetts Amherst ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN  Program. The project's aim is to creatively explore the economic and community development possibilities catalyzed by planned train service to Holyoke---scheduled to be restored in 2014. UMass Amherst Architecture + Design graduate students have spent the Fall 2012 semester engaging Holyoke residents and creating innovative proposals in response to community dialogues and ideas. These proposals will be on display for this event.

In addition, we will also be joined by other UMass students who have been engaged in reflective community based learning and projects through the efforts of UMASS CIVIC ENGAGEMENT & SERVICE LEARNING.  Learn more about their work with a variety of Holyoke organizations, students and residents as we celebrate a semester of collaborative community engagement between UMass and Holyoke.

The evening will conclude with a community dinner and party.