UMass to Host National Touring Exhibition on Guantanamo Bay

UMass Amherst will be the first place in New England to host a national touring exhibition, Why Guantanamo? on the controversial Guantanamo Bay military facility and prison.  Sponsored by the Guantanamo Memory Project, which is based at Columbia University and led by Liz Sevcenko, and with the participation of UMass faculty and students, Why Guantanamo? introduces visitors to the full story of Guantanamo – as a Cuban city, a U.S. military base, a humanitarian refugee center, and a controversial prison where suspected terrorists have been incarcerated, sometimes tortured, and often held without a trial or even legal counsel.  The continuing debate over these prisoners, their treatment, and the very existence of the prison has been a flashpoint in American politics for a decade; the military base itself has been controversial since it opened a century ago.   

The exhibition opens on September 11 in the Herter Gallery.

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