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Certificate Program in Native American Indians Studies

Five College African Studies Certificate Program

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SBS Global Education Requirement

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Undergraduate Program Director

Whitney Battle-Baptiste , email: office: 211 Machmer Hall,
(413) 577-0932 (Sabbatical Fall 2014)

Lynnette Leidy Sievert, email: office: 105 Machmer Hall, (413) 545-1379

Chief Undergraduate Advisor:
Milena Marchesi, email: (413) 577-0906 office: 207A Machmer Hall

Details of the major and minor requirements are spelled out in the Guide to Undergraduate Studies in Anthropology, available upon request from the department's main office in Machmer Hall, room 217, or by clicking here.

Every anthropology major, immediately upon declaring the major or transferring into the Department, should make an appointment to meet with the Undergraduate Program Director. At that first meeting with a new major, the DUGS will provide a general orientation to the Department, discuss the student's interests and goals and help the student settle on a faculty member who will act as an advisor. Every effort is made to be sure the advisor assigned will be suitable in terms of interests and needs of the student.

A faculty advisor assists the student in planning an academic program, insure that the student has fulfilled all University and Departmental requirements, and helps the student consider and work toward career goals. We think that thoughtful, sensitive advising is an extremely important part of each student's educational experience. Therefore, we encourage students in the major to stay in touch with their advisors, and we also require that majors meet with an advisor during counseling week (pre-registration) each semester.

We are aware that many students think they can handle their academic program choices entirely on their own. We agree that the primary responsibility for one's education is the student's. At the same time, we are well aware of the value of the assistance and support that an advisor can offer. The Department of Anthropology faculty do not tell their advisees what to do. Rather, they work with each student to help set and realize academic objectives. They help students resolve problems, point out special opportunities to them, keep them informed of changes in requirements, and assist in such matters as applying for jobs or graduate school.

In our effort to make sure that advising is useful to anthropology majors, we, of course, permit students to change advisors. A major who wants to switch advisors, should get the agreement of the new advisor and then inform the Undergraduate Program Director in writing.

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