Victoria Bochniak


Interest: indigenous archaeology, ethnography, historical archaeology, heritage education, public archaeology and outreach, ethnography of archaeology, the examination of transitional sites for North American Tribes during the early reservation period

Degrees Earned:

M.A. Anthropology, University of Idaho

B.S. Anthropology, Montana State University


Sonya Atalay

Victoria is a PhD student in anthropology. Her professional and academic training so far has focused on public archaeology and ethnography. She enjoys working on archaeological excavations where she can train volunteers to participate in the excavation. Victoria is also committed to conducting responsible research in collaboration with Indigenous communities. Her master’s thesis was completed in collaboration with the Crow Tribe in Montana. She conducted a reanalysis of two archaeological collections from a sacred site on the Crow Reservation through oral histories she recorded with Crow Elders. Victoria’s dissertation will involve the archaeological analysis of a historical site, as well as ethnographic research with the Crow Tribe.