Vanesa Giraldo



Machmer E-36




My work focuses on reproductive politics debates in contexts of war and post-conflict. For my dissertation, I am studying how reproductive experiences of ex-combatant women of the Colombian armed conflict have been restrained and influenced by the government, armed groups, and women's movements against war. I have also conducted research on experiences of mental illness among children, social determinants of infectious diseases, and social movements in health.


Degrees Earned

B.A., Anthropology, Universidad Nacional de Columbia, Bogota, 2009

M.S., Public Health, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, 2012



Giraldo V and Reyes G. Conocimiento para la innovación. Sociedad Colombiana de Anestesiología. ISBN 978-958-8873-28-2

Book chapters

2013 Giraldo, V. De Angustias y Ansiedades Infantiles (Child Anguishes and Anxieties). In: Health, Normalization, and Capitalism in Colombia. Medical Anthropology. Pp. 10-22. Abadía, C; Góngora. A; Melo; M; Platarrueda, C, (eds). Colección CES.


2016 Giraldo V, Muñoz C, Buitrago MT, Abadia C. Interactions between home care and hospital care during pregnancy and postpartum among low-    income women in a maternity clinic in Cartagena, Colombia. In: Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology. Vol. 44. Num. 2

2015 Amaya-Ariasa AM, Idarraga D; Giraldo V and Gómez LM. Effectiveness of a program for improving teamwork in Operating Rooms. In: Revista Colombiana de Anestesiología. Vol. 43 pp. 68-75. Co-author

2012 Abadia C, Oviedo DG, Giraldo V and Muñoz C. Salud al derecho. Una Experiencia de exigibilidad de derechos. (Health as a Right: An      Experience of Rights Fight) In: Revista Convergência Crítica. No. 12 pp. 252-275. Co-author

2012 Giraldo V. La voz del paciente en el encuentro con el profesional de salud.       (Patient’s voice in the encounter with health providers). In: Revista Médico Legal. (18) 2 pp. 36-39

2012 Giraldo V, De fríos y calores maternales. (Maternal colds and heats) In: Documentos de Trabajo #20. CLACSO.

2010 Fernandez J, Idrovo J, Giraldo V. Determinantes sociales de la Malaria. ¿aportes de la Medicina Social Latinoamericana? (Social determinants of Malaria. What are the contributions of Latin-American Social Medicine?. In:BIOMEDICA. (30) 3.

2009 Cañon O, Bueno J, Giraldo V, Oviedo D. Summary. Design and testing of an indicator (Financial Bias Indicator - FBI)) that estimates the influence of funding in the results (Financing Bias - FB)) of Economic Evaluations of Health   Technologies (EEHT). In: Value in Health. (12) 5 pp. A25. Co-author