Roman Sanchez

MFA (Creative Writing), PhD


DuBois Library, 12th Floor, Rm 32




Latinx Writers and Artists; Ethnographic Fiction and Creative Writing; Decolonial and Settler Colonial Studies; Posthumanism, the Anthropocene, and Education; Race and Ethnicity; Sensory and Experimental Visual Ethnography; Intermedia Art, Sculpture, and Installation; Community-Based Participatory Action Research; Arts-Practice Research Methods



Degrees Earned

B.A., Anthropology, University of Notre Dame, 2012

M.A., Anthropology, University of Massachusetts, 2017


Amanda Walker Johnson and Krista Harper


Biography and Research Interests

My research focuses on arts higher education in the United States, as experienced by graduate students of color. As an artist and creative writer, I am interested in the creation of non-white spaces in graduate-level arts training (fine art, creative writing, dance, performance). I am also exploring the ways in which anthropological research practices might borrow from contemporary art practices to reach wider audiences, engage in community-based activist research, and open possibilities for scholar-artists of color to change neoliberal academia from the inside-out.