Julieta Chaparro-Buitrago

Interests: Decolonial feminisms, anthropology of reproduction, memory studies, human rights, engaged anthropology, Latin America, Peru.



B.A., Anthropology, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia 2005

M.A., Sociology, New School for Social Research, New York, 2009


I am a PhD candidate in the department of Anthropology and a student in the Advanced Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. My research looks at the intersections of memory, reproduction, and activism to understand how the cases of forced sterilizations in Peru. I study how this event has been simultaneously expelled, made illegible, and visibilized by different actors such as Women’s organizations, feminist activists, the Attorney General’s office and NGOs. Particularly, I look at how these different actors create the conditions of possibility for the different registers to be produced and map out the networks of knowledges and practices involved in these contradictory processes.



Jane Anderson, Thomas Leatherman, Laura Briggs, Jacqueline Urla