Derek Doughty






Political Economy of American Collegiate Athletics, Critical Race Theory, Men and Masculinity Studies, Higher Education Assessment


Degrees Earned

B.A. Anthropology, Amherst College 1999

M.A. Anthropology, UMass Amherst 2016



Amanda Walker Johnson


Biography and Research Interests

Previous projects of significance include collaboration in SCUA Credo digitization projects with Joel Halpern and W.E.B. Du Bois collections and participation in the restoration of the Downtown Du Bois Mural in Great Barrington, MA. Currently researching the experiences of male students of color attending historically white colleges and universities.

Derek Doughty, MA, is an Assistant Ombudsperson and an Applied Anthropologist. He focuses on removing barriers to student success, particularly for Blacks and Hispanics at Predominantly-White universities. Since graduating from Amherst College in 1999, Derek has utilized his experiences as a Black male student athlete to bring a much-needed perspective to higher education policy formation. Whether working for the governors of Missouri and Georgia on education reform, access initiatives or mobilizing urban communities as a State Field Director for social justice related ballot initiatives like marriage equality in Maryland, hard hats for green jobs in Virginia, sustainable education finance reform in Nevada, and anti-discrimination efforts in Colorado, he incorporates a Black feminist lens into all of his endeavors. He is committed to help ensure that the intersections of race, class, and gender are front and center during the various phases of all of his professional and academic projects.

Derek's master's thesis utilized critical race theory and participant action research to investigate the redemption of W.E.B. Du Bois's legacy in his hometown Great Barrington, Massachusetts, which culminated in a mural celebrating his connection to the Berkshires. As a doctoral student at the University of Massachusetts, Derek has worn many hats in his service to advance students and local communities, including President of the graduate employee union, Co-founder of the Chancellor's Workplace Bullying and Campus Climate Committee, Trustee for Safe Passage (a local non-profit that works to prevent domestic violence prevention and support survivors), to being the Co-chair of the UMass Title IX Education Committee. Derek has consistently relied upon his applied anthropologist training to craft data informed strategies to assess community challenges, deploy appropriate resources and solutions collaboratively with all stakeholders. His current role as a Case Manager based in the Dean of Students Office and the Department of Athletics, aligns well with his dissertation research: identifying strategies for facilitating the success of Black male student athletes at predominantly White institutions. Derek's design and implementation of this unique position has been featured in Student Affairs Today and College Athletics and the Law.

Derek resides in western Massachusetts where he enjoys hiking, fishing, and participating in local softball and bowling leagues.