Ana Del Conde



Machmer W12
Office Hours: Wed 10:00-12




Social movements and community action; space and identity; collective memory; decolonial feminisms; political economy; state violence



Degrees Earned

MA, Anthropology and Cultural Politics, Goldsmiths University of London, 2012


Emiliana Cruz

Biography and Research Interests

My research interest focuses on looking at different collective sociopolitical projects that emerge as a way to resist structures of oppression and resource devastation in contemporary Mexico. More specifically, my dissertation will look at the ways different municipalities in Michoacán are developing novel governance strategies where women are present at the forefront, pushing for alternative political, social and economic projects, while protecting their natural resources. My work is trying to explore the correlation between the high levels of socioeconomic exclusion that neoliberalism has generated in Mexico in the past three decades and the establishment of powerful illegal structures.

Del Conde