Archaeological Services team helps town excavate its history

On a Saturday in Wayland, MA, a team of a half dozen people are braving overcast skies and the chill of December, spread around an abandoned home and nearby field with shovels, measuring tape, and other tools. The team, including a mix of historians and archaeologists from the Wayland Historical Commission, and volunteers and researchers from the University of Massachusetts Archaeological Services (UMAS) is on their last day of field work at the property known as the Dorey House.

Best and Kamilar's study on eccrine sweat glands in primates published in The Journal of Human Evolution.

University of Massachusetts anthropologists Andrew Best and Dr. Jason Kamilar's study, The evolution of eccrine sweat glands in human and nonhuman primates, has been published in the Journal of Human Evolution. Given that humans’ ability to sweat is unique in the animal kingdom, Best and Kamilar embarked on a research project to better understand the phenomenon.

Juan Jose Ibarretxe, Former President of the Basque Autonomous Community of Spain, to Speak at UMass Amherst

Juan Jose Ibarretxe, former president of the Basque Autonomous Community of Spain and director of the Agirre Lehendakaria Center of Social and Political Studies, will deliver the second annual William Douglass Chair in Basque Cultural Studies Lecture, Tuesday, April 17 at 5 p.m. in the third floor conference room of Gordon Hall at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Ibarretxe’s presentation, “How to Change a Country,” is free and open to the public.