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  Anthropology Undergraduates Receive Travel Awards to attend and participate in the Undergraduate Symposium at the AAPA Conference April 10-14, 2018 in Austin, TX

 Battle-Baptiste keynotes Mount Holyoke Celebration

 Spotlight Grad: Adam Zimmer

Anthro 577 Summer Field School in Historical Archaeology

 Congrats to Grace Rock who was awarded "SBS Outstanding Staff Award"
Participants at the international graduate student social science workshop in Marseille.
 Harper, Urla Lead Delegation at International Social Science Workshop in France


UACT hosted  "PLUG IN! A Gathering to Change the Things We Cannot Accept"

Faculty Spotlight: Jason Kamilar New Projects Underway in Comparative Primatology Lab


  Jason M. Kamilar, PhD | Assistant Professor
 Department of Anthropology | College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
 How is Sociality and Group Structure Related to Kinda Baboon Microbiome Diversity?
 Humans exhibit uniquely complex social systems, but the basic structure of human social interactions is seen in other primate species. The Kinda baboon of Zambia is a highly social primate whose microbiome diversity can shed light on the evolution of the human microbiome (i.e. bacteria and other micro-organisms found on and in the body). Dr. Kamilar's project will be among the first to test hypotheses relating sociality to diversity in the Kinda microbiome.

 Katie Kirakosian (Adjunct Faculty) and Ana del Conde (doctoral student) have won competitive SBS fellowships to develop online versions of two of our popular Gen Ed courses:  Anth 269, North American Archaeology, and Anth 234 Art in Cross Cultural Perspective.  They will receive stipend to prepare materials so these courses can go live in Summer 2017.  Congratulations!