Review Instructions

First, we invite your detailed comments on the manuscript. Please provide them on a separate sheet of paper, noting the manuscript number. Do not mention your own name. In your narrative comments, please address the following dimensions:

  • How well grounded is this manuscript theoretically, methodologically, and empirically? Where are its strengths and weaknesses in this regard? Does the author display an appropriate command of the pertinent literature and approaches? If not, what's missing? What specific steps might the author undertake to address any weaknesses you find in this area?
  • What are the organizational strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript? Is the thesis clearly started and sufficiently supported by evidence? How might the essay be reorganized to make it stronger?
  • Is the writing clear and lucid? Or hard to read? Please do not edit the manuscript and suggest specific ways to improve the writing. If a manuscript does well on points A and B, we will then have our copy editor work with an author to address any writing deficiencies.

Once the editors read the reviews, they make the editorial decision-- accept, revise and resubmit, or reject. In all cases we include our reviewers' comments -- without any identifiers -- to explain the editorial decision.

Second, we invite you to score the manuscript on various dimensions on this downloadable form.