Format Requirements for Manuscripts

The ASR does not have the resources to type or retype manuscripts and depends on authors to attend assiduously to format requirements. Manuscripts that do not meet the format requirements spelled out below will not be considered for publication.

  1. Manuscripts must be double-spaced throughout, including references, notes, tables, figure captions, and quotations. The main text should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages (i.e., approximately 10,000 words). Margins throughout the manuscript (top, bottom, and both sides) must be 1 inch (2.5 cm).
  2. Please include as separate sections and in the following order:
    • On a separate page:
      • Author names(s) and contact details
      • Bio-sketch (50 - 100 words) that identifies your affiliation and most important research accomplishments
      • A declaration that this manuscript has not been published elsewhere and is not now under editorial consideration elsewhere.
    • The body of the manuscript:
      • Title
      • Abstract (50 - 100 words) that summarizes the essential points of the paper (it is not meant to be an introduction or a mere list of topics).
      • Text. Please see the ASR "Style Guide," published in the September 2000 issue (Volume 43, number 2, pp. 203-214) for details on text formatting. Download the "Style Guide".
      • References. Use only one reference list, alphabetized by author's last name. Only sources actually cited in the text are to be included in the References section.
      • Notes. All notes should be formatted as endnotes, and are restricted to material that cannot be conveniently included in the text. Avoid unnecessarily long notes. Number notes consecutively throughout the text using superscripted numbers. Please be sure your endnotes are not embedded. That is, do not use the endnote or footnote generating capability of your word processor.
      • Figure captions (each on a separate page)
      • Tables or figures (each on a separate page)