Frequently Asked Questions

I published an article in the ASR. How can I legitimately republish it elsewhere or incorporate the contents in a book?
No part of this publication may be reproduced (in any form and by any means) without permission of the African Studies Association (ASA) via its registered copyright agent, Copyright Clearance Center. Information on the different types of permissions available and the associated royalties may be found online at (search for African Studies Review). Once permission is secured, whether for republication in whole or in part, publishers also must acknowledge prior publication in the African Studies Review by author, title, volume, number, date, and inclusive pagination.
Authors whose works are published in ASA journals may duplicate and distribute their own works to their own classes, to their own Web sites, or to their own institutionŐs Web site without seeking the publisherŐs permission, but they must cite details of publication in the specific journal by author, title, volume, number, date, and inclusive pagination.
I did not receive my copy of the ASR when I expected it. What can be done about it?
Contact the ASA Secretariat directly to diagnose and solve the problem. The mailings of the ASR are controlled by the Secretariat, not by the Editors.
I submitted a manuscript to the ASR, and after receiving an initial acknowledgment, I have not heard anything. What's going on?
The editors send out manuscripts to reviewers, and we ask that they send in their reviews promptly. Reviewers, however, do not always provide their comments in a timely fashion; consequently, the editors must seek out alternate reviewers. The editors do not want to make a decision with fewer than three reviews. Please feel free to contact the editors by phone or e-mail ( to learn about the particulars of your manuscript.
My department chair has told me that I should seek to publish only in disciplinary journals and not in second rank or interdisciplinary journals. How will publishing in the ASR affect my academic career?
The ASR is a double-blind peer reviewed journal (the author does not know the identity of the reviewers, and the reviewers do not know the identity of the author). The ASR accepts about 20% of manuscripts submitted, placing it among the more selective journals in the world.
Does the ASR publish articles in French?
The ASR welcomes submissions in French. However, since our readership is predominantly Anglophone, most published articles are in English.