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Password Management

Your AD Account and NetID account are not the same. However, there is some overlap including the ability to have the same passwords for non-student employees. Done properly you should only need to have one password for your NetID (Spire, TimeTracker, HR Direct, Mobius, PeopleSoft) and your AD Account (Computer log-in, VPN, Exchange/Outlook Email).

Password Hierarchy:


This shows that your NetID password is pulled to your AD Account and then subsequently to your Exchange Email. Changing your Spire password will change all connected accounts' passwords as well. However, changing your AD Account password will not change your Spire password.


Changing Passwords:

Non-Student Employee:

Before your passwords expire for either your AD Account or NetID, it is recommended you change it in Spire account password. Changing it in Spire will also affect your AD Account as shown above.

To change your Spire password:

  1. Log in to SPIRE. In the SPIRE Main Menu, go to OIT Accounts > My OIT Accounts, then click your NetID.
  2. On the Account Detail page, click Change Password. A pop up message will appear confirming your password has changed.

Student Employee:

While logged in to the computer, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select "Change Password" on the menu. 


Recovering Passwords:

Non-Student Employee:

To recover your password, visit SPIRE and select the "Forgot Your Password?" link. If you are unable to recover your password, a password reset may be needed.

Student Employee:

Student account passwords can not be recovered. Please bring a picture ID to 126 Whitmore to have your password reset to a temporary password.

Resetting Passwords:

Non-Student Employee:

To reset your Spire password bring a picture ID to OIT's office at A109 Lederle Graduate Research Center (LGRC). Resetting your password will also change your AD Account password.

Student Employee:

Please bring a picture ID to 126 Whitmore to have your password reset to a temporary password.


Note: All passwords are to remain private and should not be shared with any member of the Support Staff. Please do not write your passwords down on public documents or in public locations (including a note at your desk).