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Welcome to A&F Administrative Systems.  Our goal is to provide A&F staff with the systems, software, and training that's needed to do your jobs with excellence.  Please use the menu above to navigate our application and desktop support areas.  Should you need further assistance, please refer to the contact information to the right.  Our office will be happy to assist you.

Alerts & Notices

Desktop IT Users: Internet Explorer Upgrade, FireFox Removal, and P Drive Removal

Greetings A&F Staff,

We are planning on doing away with the P: drive, currently Common to all A&F department, except UMPD and UHS by April 10th 2015.  This is currently a public storage location, and as such has accumulated a large amount of mostly unused files, that take up a significant amount of storage without a strong business need.  If you have data there you would like us to move to another location or you have a business process that uses this location please email me and we will help you evaluate what the best course of action is.

In addition we are planning on upgrading Internet Explorer to version 10 in all departments except UHS.

Furthermore, due to incompatabilities and security risks, FireFox will be removed from all UHS computers. Some people will keep it due to work requirements. Other are recommended to move to IE10 or Chrome. If you have bookmarks you want to move over, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

If you have any questions or comments please call 413.545.1956, or email

Applications HR Direct 9.2 Upgrade Complete

The HR Direct application upgrade is complete and the system is available.  You must clear your browser cache daily when accessing HR Direct.  Click HERE for the job aid on clearing cache.

Applications Internet Explorer 10 PeopleSoft Compatibility Workaround

Various PeopleSoft compatibility issues exist with Internet Explorer 10 (such as spinning clocks and timeouts on certain search panels).  To resolve these issues PeopleSoft Finance and HR should be run in Compatibility Mode for Internet Explorer 10 (this is not necessary for IE 9 or other browsers).  To set IE 10 to use this mode for PeopleSoft, please read the jobaid here.

General OfficeMax purchases require access to BuyWays

With the new OfficeMax contract you will need to be a shopper or requisitioner in BuyWays to place orders:

For more information on the new OfficeMax contract, please see the Procurement website at

General Heartbleed Vulnerability

Questions about the Heartbleed Vulnerability?  Check out OIT's latest announcment here 

Desktop A&F-Wide Java 1.7 Upgrade and Impact

In order to keep A&F Desktops secure, all A&F computers have been upgraded to the latest version of Java 1.7. Most users will not notice any change, however, users of the HR and Finance Mobius Batch Report Tool will need to perform an additional step in order to print their reports. Instructions on this printing workaround are here. Users of Buyways may enounter a blank screen, which can be reloaded by pressing the F5 key.