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New Cadet Uniform Sizing Record

Pants are sized by Waist and Length To determine your size, use the same WAIST you used for your Athletic Shorts as your waist for the Athletic Pants (XS, S, M, L, XL--Also include length short, regular or long) ) Determine the length for the Athletic Pants using the men's inseam chart (XS, S, R, L, XL) Example 1: A 6' male may wear Large Shorts and have a 33" inseam, so his size is L L Example 2: A 5' 2" female may wear Extra Small Shorts and have a 30" inseam, so her size is XS S
Jackets are similar to Athletic Pants. If you think you are proportionally larger or longer in your jacket, bump up accordingly. If you think you are smaller or shorter in your jacket, select a smaller size as needed. Example: A 6' male may wear L L pants but have short arms, a L R jacket may fit better.
Service Coat size for MALES is the same as a Suit Coat--if you have no idea just go to a store & try some on(Example 36 Short, 38 Regular, 40 Long) Service Coat size for FEMALES is the same as a female suit or blazer (example 6,8,10,12,14 etc)


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